Luke's Testimonial
We worked with Tara on June 2017 and it was the best thing we ever did for us and our dog Luke. We’d recently adopted Luke through TEAM Rescue and were experiencing some challenging behaviours. He’s blind and so this presented many challenges for him and us. We’d taken him to obedience classes which were great for teaching basic commands, but they didn’t help us manages his fears and anxieties and the behaviours that came along with that. Luke was terrified of thunderstorms, fireworks, and any loud sound. He’d jump at crinkling bags, the fridge door opening, car horns, motorbikes, kids yelling, balls bouncing; if it made any significant noise he’d jump and retreat. These behaviours then morphed into aggression. We started seeing possessiveness of his food, and on a few instances when we encroached on his “safe” space he attacked- lunging, barking and biting, at one point leaving a decent set of teeth
marks in my husband’s arm.

We reached out to Tara as we felt we were in over our heads and feeling quite defeated. Tara,
with her calm, gentle approach helped us to better understand the root of Luke behaviours (fear)and how to read his body language. She worked closely with us in managing his aggression and building his confidence and trust. My husband and I feel much better equipped to manage Luke’s behaviours and help him overcome his fears now as we move forward. The biggest lesson for us was understanding the need to patience and taking things slow.

Thanks for everything Tara!

Mike and Leona

When I decided to start my fitness journey four years ago I knew I couldn't do it alone. I attended one
of Tara's group fitness classes and I knew she was the one for me. I approached her for personal training and have been training with her ever since.


Tara is not only motivating she is extremely creative in her workouts and approach to meeting my fitness goals. Over the last four years, my goals
and my obsession with fixing another body part have changed.


Tara not only created different and fun
workouts for me but she also gave me the support and drive I needed to achieve those goals. She
knows the right things to say to motivate me to finish the workout and adapts my workouts on the spot
as needed. I have continued training with Tara over the last four years simply because she is irreplaceable.

I look forward to working out now and that's all thanks to Tara!
Tamara Smith, 29. Burlington On

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